Antonov AN-124


The Antonov AN124 is the worlds larges cargo aircraft capable of carrying 120 tonnes of oustsized cargo. The aircraft has an onboard system of cargo handling equipment makes it possible to load and unload the aircraft without the help of ground facilities. The para-dropping and cargo handling equipment comprises two travelling cranes, two winches, rollgang and tiedown equipment.

The two cargo hatches are a distinctive structural feature. The fuselage nose can be hinged upward to open the front cargo hatch and there is a cargo hatch in the rear fuselage. This aircraft is ideal for medium to long range freight charters of very heavy loads.


Maximum payload:

Maximum take off weight:

Cargo hold dimensions:

Cargo door size:

Noise category:

Maximum hold volume:

Runway required:



36.50 x 6.40 x 4.40 m

6.40 x 4.40 m

Stage 3

900 cbm



Cruise speed:

Range full payload:

Cubic capacity:

Cabin length:

Cabin width:

Cabin height:

Rear Door:

Nose Door:

865km/h / 465knots

4,500km / 2430nm

750m3 / 26,486ft3

33 m

6.4 m

4.4 m

w 6.0m x h 7.4m

w 6.4m x h 4.4m