We are on call 24/7 to assist with any emergency. With time sensitive charters, we can help quickly to coordinate evacuations from impacted areas.

Whether we need to evacuate a ship load of passengers from a damaged cruise liner or assisting to relocate travellers from a disaster zone; we can help to expedite travellers to safety.

Air Charter Network has provided services to organisations for over 20 years. We can provide a range of solutions to suit your needs. We can save you time when time is not on your side. Let us make all of the travel arrangements for your group.

Travel at the departure time that suits you; ensure your travellers arrive and depart on time with no delays. No waiting in big commercial terminal queues.

Our services include making arrangements for your group to depart and return through private charter lounges. We can arrange transport around your destination site and can arrange transport for your group once they return to the departure site. In flight services can also be arranged depending on your flying times.

From 2 people to 200 people or more using a single or multiple aircraft, we can move your group and make all the necessary arrangements to depart and arrive as you need.