Air Charter Network has a range of aircraft to suit your executive passenger charter requirements.

Chartering your own aircraft is not just reserved for the rich and famous. Depending on your requirements, corporate jet charter can be the best option for you and your company.

Whether you have important business meetings with a tight schedule or you need to impress a potential client, aircraft charter is viable option.

Your time is valuable and your time is your money. Using scheduled air services often restricts you to travelling when the airline wants you to travel not when you want or need to travel. This can often mean long queues, waiting periods and lost productivity.

Air Charter Network can solve these problems for you.


Security, Privacy and Flexibility

Most private charters depart from private terminals affording you unparalleled security and privacy.

With our streamlined services there are no long check-in or customs queues (customs will come to you). All you need to do is turn up, get your passport stamped, board the aircraft and go. The terminals have business centres and corporate boardrooms for meetings and a lounge area for your travelling companions or meeting guests.

We allow you to set the itinerary including departure times and can often suggest airports closer to your desired destination.

We will provide you with a choice of multiple aircraft and allow you to use thousands of airports worldwide that are accessible by corporate jets (only 10% of airports are large enough for a commercial jet).

Amendments to your itinerary have never been so simple. If your meeting runs late or you need to stay another day, we can make the required changes straight away.

For expert business jet charter solutions contact Air Charter Network today.

Comfort and Efficiency

Our aircraft have the highest levels of comfort available to the discerning traveller including amazing in-flight catering. For the astute business person, your meeting can start when you board the aircraft allowing you to prepare for a presentation or deal with matters that require your attention while you make your way to your destination.

Without having to change planes during the journey you can often complete a meeting or trip in a single day by flying directly to your desired destination. There is no need for you to spend another night away from home because there are no scheduled flights to suit your meeting times.

For expert business jet charter solutions contact Air Charter Network today.

Industry Information and Expertise

Once we receive your request we will supply you with an immediate quote with accurate pricing (no hidden costs) and availability on selected aircraft.

We will supply the most comprehensive unbiased advice on which aircraft is the most suitable and the airports that are the closest to your desired departure and arrival destination.

Our excellent operations team will constantly monitor your trip and are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have or make any changes to your schedule.

For expert business jet charter solutions contact Air Charter Network today.