Antonov AN-12


Designed and built in the Ukraine, the Antonov AN-12 is a midsized turboprop freighter that can comfortably carry 20,000 kg (44,090 lbs) of freight in a hold with a volume of 80 cubic metres. This aircraft is ideal for medium range freight charters.

The Antonov AN12 is a rear loading aircraft capable of operating into remote airstrips with a maximum payload of 20 tonne. The aircraft has its own gantry requiring minimum loading and unloading equipment. The Antonov 12 is ideal for outsized cargo. Flightcrew consisting of two pilots, a flight engineer, radio operator and navigator.


Maximum payload:

Maximum take off weight:

Cargo hold dimensions:

Cargo door size:

Noise category:

Roof mounted gantry hoist:

Internal winch:

Maximum hold volume:

Runway required:



13.50 x 2.95 x 2.40 m

3.10 x 2.34 m

Stage 3

3000kgs max

5000kgs max

80 cubic m

1800 m


Cruise speed:

Range full payload:

Cubic capacity:

Cabin length:

Cabin width:

440km/h / 240knots

1300km / 700nm

97.3m3/ 3426ft3

13.5m / 44.29ft