Ilyushin IL-76


Maximum Payload:

Cargo Hold Dimensions:

Cargo Door Size:

Max. Volume:

Cruise Speed:


20.00 x 3.40 x 3.40 m

3.15 x 3.20 m

230 cbm



Designed and built in the Russia, the Ilyushin IL-76 is a medium to long range freighter that can comfortably carry 50,000 kg (110,230 lbs) of freight in a hold with a volume of 230 cubic metres. This aircraft is ideal for medium to long range freight charters.

The Ilyushin Il-76 was designed to meet a Soviet Air Force (VVS) requirement for a medium to long-range jet transport aircraft to replace/augment the turboprop Antonov An-12. The Il-76 has a large, fully pressurised cargo hold with a titanium floor that can accommodate a large variety of self-loading wheeled or tracked vehicles that can be driven into the hold via an integral rear loading ramp. Overhead winches and hoists can also be fitted. The rear clamshell doors can be opened in flight to allow air dropping. The Il-76TD-90VD is upgraded to be compliant with Chapter 4/Stage 4 noise requirements and allows an increase in payload to 50 tonnes (110,200lb), an increase in maximum range to 10200km (6,338 miles) and operations from airfields up to 3000m (9,144ft) above sea level. To speed up loading of outsize and heavy cargoes, the freight compartment of the Il-76TD90VD is equipped with two electric winches, each with a 3-tonne (6,612lb) hauling capacity. There are also four electric hoists with 10-tonne (22,040lb) lifting capacity, which move on two rails along the entire length of the cargo compartment and 6m (19ft 8in) beyond the ramp threshold. It can accommodate nine 463L (88in x 108in/223.5cm x 274cm) pallets.

Still unmatched for its unique capability to carry weight over distance day in and day out from airports with little or no loading devices. It also own self contained crane and winch system